‘‘ She is loving Singers Company so much that we're going to quit dance and just do this! Thanks for such a great program!


‘‘ We love singers company and you so much. Because you make each and every girl feel like they are all that matters, that you love them and trust them. That they are the best little performer to ever grace the stage. Thank you! I am so so grateful we discovered singers company and you Ms Angee. These girls are so blessed to be yours. ♡


‘‘ My cute daughter is in her 4th year of Singers Company. She is a very quiet girl, but is slowly coming out of her shell. Last month, she came to me and asked if she could sing a duet with me at church. I about screamed and said YES!!! I was so shocked that my quiet girl would have the guts to want to sing in front of a crowd with no prodding from me. I then got us scheduled as soon as possible--before she lost her nerve! Well, last Sunday, she and I stood in front of a crowd of 700

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‘‘ She is ABSOLUTELY loving class. I have never seen her love a class so much!


‘‘ Claire had the best experience this year and asked to do it again without any hesitation. I'm so impressed by her confidence. She grew so much between the Christmas and Spring shows. You should know that Claire sings like a rock star at home! She has been reserved at Singers Company but I saw some of her inner rocker come out at the park on Saturday especially in her solo. Thank you for all your hard work in providing this experience for Claire. I appreciate you!


‘‘ My daughter asks every day if it’s Singers day. She loves it!


‘‘ Singer's Company has become such an important part of my daughter's life. She tried dance class, but didn't like it. There were no real connections made with her teacher or the other girls in the class. She hesitantly went to Singer's Company and after one class, she was in love! The format for S.C. allows the girls to form a bond with one another. I think that is so important for girls to see happen at such a young age as we are living in times where kids are being bullied. W

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Whitney Ingram

‘‘ I had two daughters participate in Singer's Company with Angee.  They loved it!  Angee was amazing at knowing each one of my daughter's strengths and helping them feel good about themselves.  She had so much enthusiasm for singing and dancing and that was infectious for my girls.  Angee truly loves each girl she works with and the girls know this and love her back!  Both of my girls came home happy and excited after every lesson and they looked forward to the

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‘‘ Both my girls LOVE Singers Company!  They can't wait each week to go.  Angee is so cute and fun with them.  They come home singing the songs they're learning and it's so fun to watch them perform around the house together.  That's one of the greatest things about Singers Company; both my girls, ages 5 and 7, can be in the same class.  Love that!

Kristina H

‘‘ Singers Company has changed my little girl’s life.

Grandma D